Our Service

We work closely with architects, designers & owners to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished product.

1. Initial Contact

Designers and Architects approach us with their designs. With our decades of cabinetry drawing experience, this is generally enough information at this stage to formulate a price subject to survey.

2. Site Visit

Once the first design is agreed upon, we attend the site to perform our own related survey of the area using the working drawings. Our aim is always to make your design work within the space.

3. Meeting

We always recommend a meeting at this stage, to bounce ideas around and survey the areas.

4. Design Development

From here we create detailed technical drawings for our clients to address any issues we may have with the practicality of the initial design and to provide elegant working solutions to maintain the original design vision.

5. Design Production

After finalising the design, we work alongside clients closely throughout the project to ensure a seamless working partnership. We encourage open communication so any issues that arise can be discussed and a solution found that works for all parties with a minimum delay to production.

6. Delivery & Installation

Furniture is safely delivered and installed by our own highly skilled team.

7. Project Completion

Our service is not completed until our clients, architects, designers and owners are all completely satisfied with the finished product.